Damon Clear Braces

Damon Clear Braces for Teens

Damon System Braces have low-profile components that are less noticeable and blend seamlessly into your teen’s mouth. They use a self-ligating system that gradually shifts bites into a more conventional appearance without needing to tighten.  Damon Clear brackets are some of the least noticeable on the market.

The Clear Path To An Amazing Smile!

Damon System Braces and Damon Clear are innovative technologies in orthodontics that combine tie-less brackets with high-tech archwires providing a comfortable, efficient fit for every patient. By combining the reliability of metal braces with state-of-the-art technology, these unique appliances offer patients a discreet treatment and an orthodontic experience unlike ever before.

Esthetics: It is important to understand that braces no longer need to be an inconvenient and embarrassing experience for the patient. With Damon Clear braces, you get an esthetic and discreet alternative that is resistant to staining and discoloration during your treatment.

Treatment time: Braces are not meant to be worn forever. With Damon Clear, the results are achieved much faster than you can probably expect. Although treatment time varies depending on each case, Damon System Braces treatment can be up to six months quicker than traditional braces. Moreover, Damon System Braces also require fewer office visits compared to traditional braces making it more convenient for everyone.

Comfort: The tie-less brackets of Damon Clear are not tightened. They apply very gentle forces to your teeth and supporting structures. Other types of braces utilize elastics to bind archwires in place causing pressure and discomfort.

The Difference is Clear!

Damon Clear employs a high-tech sliding door to keep archwires within the bracket enabling them to move freely in different directions. This decreases friction and binding, so the patient’s teeth can move into their ideal positions faster and easier.