Damon Metal Braces

Damon Metal Braces for Teens

Damon System Braces have low-profile components that are less noticeable and blend seamlessly into your teen’s mouth. They use a self-ligating system that gradually shifts bites into a more conventional appearance without needing to tighten. 

Not Your Traditional Metal Braces

The Damon System is an innovative variety of self-ligating braces. Instead of using a rubber band to secure the wire to the bracket, Damon System Braces use a metal clip or lid. The idea is that this method will reduce friction between the brackets and wires resulting in:

  • Faster treatment times
  • Fewer tooth extractions
  • Greater jaw expansion
  • More comfortable orthodontic treatment
  • Quicker visits for adjustments

Damon System Braces vs. Conventional Braces

When considering the right orthodontic treatment, Damon System Braces are worth choosing over traditional brackets and wires. There are several distinct benefits to the self-ligating system that you won’t get with conventional braces.

Faster Treatment

It has been shown that Damon Braces achieve visible improvement within the first 10 weeks of wearing them. Conventional braces require 12–18 months to correct teeth misalignments. Therefore, Damon System Braces can shave at least six months off this time. The exact treatment time varies by case. Your orthodontist will assess your individual needs to determine the necessary duration. Conventional braces are generally worn for just over six months longer than Damon Braces.

Greater Comfort

There are no metal or rubber ligatures involved in the Damon System. Elastic bands are used in conventional braces to secure the archwires in the proper position. Without ligatures, there is less friction and faster tooth movement. Damon System Braces make room for crowded teeth so there are fewer extractions. The process shifts teeth into the desired positions with light healthy movement resulting in less pain and fewer complications.

Fewer Visits

With traditional brackets and wires, you will need to get regular adjustments to shift the level of friction. Damon System Braces apply uniform friction and require 8-10 fewer visits.

Damon System Braces apply a gentle force. Gradual correction is achieved with light titanium wires. Less friction gradually improves facial balance, expanding and lifting the jawline and enhancing your smile.

Damon System Braces are a progressive orthodontic treatment approach. The revolutionary brackets are made of a lightweight ceramic or medical-grade stainless steel.